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We had an absolutely great time at Laff It Off 2015 – Out to de Baller. You guys just keep getting better. I think that Janine White was THE PERFECT addition to the cast. I hope that she continues with it. I have been to at least 25 of these shows because my Mum brought me along as a child. In those days, sometimes I did not even understand the jokes but I had height which convinced many that I was actually older than I was. I have had a great time over the years and I am elated that we have decided to put it on as a permanent fixture in our group’s annual schedule of events.

Kutie Kim

Oh Ian Oh Ian. Again we had a great time. My award for Saturday goes to school mate Ishaka. He was hilarious. My friends living overseas were happy to be there. You must let me know if you all will be doing it in the summer again. I know that persons returning for Crop Over may enjoy it. Take care Ian and a million thank yous to you and the Crew.

Kutie Kim